Middle East

Improving health equity, quality and governance in the Middle East

Launched in the Middle East in 2021, Movement Health 2030 aims to contribute to innovating health systems, improving digital health decision-making, data exchange, and health financing, so that everyone can live their best, healthiest lives.
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Regional Challenges

Health and digital decision-making
From expanding existing digital systems to building others, best practice solutions can be tested and scaled across the region to make a difference in people’s lives.
Equity and access
Improving data infrastructure and prioritising universal healthcare could improve access to care in the Middle East.
Lifestyle diseases and prevention
Rewarding prevention and integrating new technologies could reduce the rise in lifestyle and chronic conditions and improve patient treatments.
Medical tourism
With strong leadership, cross-border policies, and investment in health tech, the region could become a health tourism hub that benefits all people.

Our story: A Holistic Approach to Transform Care

Middle Eastern healthcare systems are under pressure from multiple angles – from the challenging effects of COVID-19 and the growth of lifestyle and chronic conditions, to ageing populations and persisting inequities in access to care.

Movement Health 2030 aims to address these regional healthcare challenges by advancing health leadership, driving health innovation from a finance, governance and tech perspective, and positioning the region as a health tourism hub, and will use multiple approaches to achieve this goal.

This will mean enhancing already advanced healthcare systems in some countries, while helping others “leapfrog” forward via innovative technologies and governance and economic models.

In addition, Movement Health 2030 will work with elected leaders and policymakers to support cross- border collaboration, as well as healthcare system partnerships to make the necessary and meaningful impact with the aim to save lives.