Latin America

We’re transforming Latin America’s healthcare systems

Movement Health 2030 (El Movimiento Salud 2030) was launched in Latin America in 2019 with the aim of transforming health systems to enable everyone to live their best, healthiest lives.
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Regional Aspirations

Access and continuity of care
To solve differences in access to care and meet growing demand, health policies and services should focus on patient outcomes and disease prevention.
Data science and digital solutions
Improving digital infrastructure and literacy could boost access to quality care in Latin American health systems and reduce costs for all.
Collaborative business and partnership models
Collaboration between diverse stakeholders could increase the impact of Latin American healthcare on society, improving quality of life for all.
Innovation in biosciences
With a diverse population and a wealth of highly skilled health professionals, Latin America could become a world leader in biotechnologies.

Our Story

Since the 1950s, Latin America has made great strides towards better healthcare, with life expectancy increasing across the continent. Despite enormous progress, the region still faces several healthcare challenges, including differences in access to quality healthcare.

Movement Health 2030 aspires to a future where all people have access to the quality healthcare they need to live longer and better lives. With the UN goal of reducing premature mortality by one third by 2030 in mind, Movement Health works on the ground in Latin America with patients, governments, health leaders and the private and third sectors to prepare health systems for the demands of the future and support them in adopting the necessary innovation to achieve better healthcare for all.

Igniting healthcare innovation through public-private partnerships, we help countries in Latin America to develop and scale cutting-edge, sustainable healthcare solutions that save lives, prevent disease and enhance healthcare equity and quality.